Saturday, 20 August 2011

My friend Nat

I am blessed to have wonderful friends. Truly wonderful friends. I have one friend whom I have known since we were in 4th grade...and this blog...this one is for her. Her name is Natalie Evans.

Nat, how can I ever possibly tell you in these words, in this short brief amount of space what you mean to me? I've known you since grade 4, and another 20 lifetimes together won't be enough time to spend together. You have seen me at my best, and my worst. Have laughed with me, cried with me, we've been enraged together (at situations that life has thrown at us but never at each other). Helped carry me through my mother's illness and death, and even shared a laugh with me (my Mother's request) at her visitation.

When I think of my friend Nat, a few things come to mind. She's singing...forever singing. Always making up lyrics to songs (her mother does the EXACT same thing), dancing, and her laugh....that laugh....that I love. It never fails to make me smile.  She has a quick wit about her and a way with words that can always make me laugh. Her laugh never fails to make me laugh and her smile is an infectious one.

We've had some hell of a good times together in those 30 years. And I am looking forward to another 30+ years of good times

When I first met Nat, we were in grade 4. I had just moved to London from a completely different city, which made me (again -- and many times in this life) the new kid on the block. I moved a lot growing up, which would move on into my adulthood.

Nat made me feel welcome and wanted. And for a kid who was new, and lonely and unsure of herself - it was appreciated more than I can ever say. I've been fortunate to always have Nat to have my back. She's always been there for me, and me her. A mark of a true friend.

Nat has always loved animals. She should have been a veterinarian. The animals would have been lucky to have her. She's got a very gentle touch with them, and cares very deeply about their well being. She's donated time, money and items to those animals less fortunate. She's a truly wonderful person and I am blessed to know her.

We've shared many highs and lows together - school, marriages, births, deaths, family drama, life and luxury. I cannot imagine my life without her. Nor would I want to. She is a true treasure of a person, and it's an honour to call her my friend.

Thank you, Nat. Love you. You are exceptional.

One Last Glimpse,


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