Tuesday, 16 August 2011

High School

No one's high school experience is perfection. I don't care who you are. My first 2 years (grades 9 and 10) sucked large.  I was overweight, had glasses, braces, was in orchestra and didn't have cool clothes and was teased mercilessly. And being me...I took it to heart.

 I did a few things during my high school years that I'm less than proud of - lied, stole, drank, smoked dope, smoked cigarettes and even one afternoon, while home alone...came this close....to ending it all.

I'm not going to go into detail as to why, although I could. Suffice to say I was very lonely, and very sad. I don't handle being alone well when I have a problem, even though I have on numerous occasions said "Just leave me alone". And when I say that...I only mean for about 20 minutes..not days at a time. I'm a very social person and need that connection with others. I am thankful on that day that "Angels come in strange forms" (thank you Rachel for that quote).

I had one guy in high school who teased me the worst. I remember one day in the middle of an argument with Rach he inserted himself into the fray. Big. Mistake. I remember being in the middle of my tirade at her and when he inserted himself into the conversation, I spun round yelled something at him and continued my rant. Momentarily off footed he paused, and then resumed his blather and comments at me.

A few years ago, he sent me a friends request on facebook, which quite frankly I found very amusing as not 2 days prior I had been talking about him. His friend request was attached with a note that read: "I know I was terrible to you in school. I hope you can forgive me." After I got over the initial shock of how earnest his apology seemed and accepted his friends request I replied with: "I forgive you. Does this mean I can send you all my shrink bills now?" He never replied about that one.

Life throws you little karmic curve balls like that every once in a while. It's just a question of if you're going to hit a pop fly and get called out or if you're going to swing and crack that grand slam and win the game.

One Last Glimpse,


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  1. ahhh Bilo. For him to say that was more sincere than most other people. I remember that day (as you do) and how your shouting at him just really threw him off for a good moment. I remember when he requested your friendship on facebook you figured I had put him up to it LOL In seriousness, he was likely going through his own shit at the time too. No one gets out of this life without something. The thing facebook has taught me is that the real assholes in school didn't always go home to the best situations and it makes sense as an adult they acted like this but back then... never.