Sunday, 4 September 2011

Bournemouth and beyond

It was a funny day on Thursday, Duran was playing a "rehearsal" gig in Bournemouth. Twitter was a buzz with anticipation (once again). Even the guys were tweeting! John was tweeting countdowns of the amount of time remaining before they took to the stage. It was obvious he was a ball of nerves and energy, and even stated flat out at one point that he was eager but nervous about getting back on the stage.

By all accounts the concert was amazing from what I understand and they were in top notch form. Truth be told I'm dying to watch the little video clips that are out there but I'm resisting temptation. It's not easy...but somehow I'm finding the strength and willpower not to watch. It's a personal choice of my own and of course I have nothing but excitement for those who see these "rehearsal" gigs and get to tweet about it.

I was intrigued by the set list the other night truthfully it's not what I expected to see at all: The Man Who Stole a Leopard, All You Need Is Now, Blame the Machines, Networker Nation, Too Bad You’re So Beautiful, A View to a Kill, Safe, Before the Rain, Tiger Tiger, Secret Oktober, Shadows On Your Side, Mediterranea, Other People’s Lives, Notorious, Girl Panic, Hold Back the Rain and Sunrise. No Rio, Save, Chauffeur or GoF. There's a couple songs (IMO) that could go and be replaced by those 4 "must plays" (IMO). But; having said that; I don't think that this is the final set list. I think that they are still trying to figure out from the new songs what works and what doesn't. I think there are some that are missing, after all these ARE just rehearsals and there has to be some surprises right? Maybe I'm wrong - who knows. I mean it's a good set list as is, and as I've said before I think they could sing the freaking phone book and I'd be okay with that. I just want to finally go.

I still as I sit here and write about this cannot believe it's a mere 52 days for me. I know it's going to come up on us so fast. Before we know it, it will be here and then gone. But the agony and the exquisite anguish of the anticipation is awesome. As these "rehearsals" progress I know I'm going to release that pressure valve a little more each time. As it draws closer to that kick off date...our date...

The fact that we can now follow the guys and communicate with them on their thoughts on the performances and ask for our input is still mind blowing to me. Who does that? More over, who goes to the lengths they have gone to? Who does that? It's few and far between - if ever. Leave it to Duran.And yet how completely typical of Duran by the same token. They've always put themselves out there in various ways for the fans. This is just an extension of that. The question is which one of us is having the better time? They seem to be having just as much fun as we are so I think it would be hard to answer that question. After all, if you're not having fun doing something that you love, what the fuck is the point in doing it in the first place?

In talking to various friends the energy, anticipation and excitement is palpable at this point. We're all so excited for each other, it's a great feeling. I'm loving it. It's hard to not be in a constant state of excitement as we move towards the kick off date. I think though that this energy runs clear through the Duran family. From us, to them and back again. I think they're just as happy and excited as we are. Not only that the tour is getting underway but that Simon's voice has come out the other side of this whole ordeal okay. I'm proud of Simon and the guys to know when to say "right. Y'all are going to have to wait and so are we". And now we're out the other side of this together, and things are going to be okay.

I did happen to see a picture of Simon from the Bournemouth concert the other night that I'm going to share. I'm not sure who took it, or where it came from so I cannot give credit where credit is due. I have procured it however, and would like to share it. Maybe you've seen it already, maybe you haven't. However if a picture is worth a thousand words...then this one speaks an infinite amount more.

One Last Glimpse,


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