Monday, 19 September 2011

Designed to make you party

I thought everyone knew this already but apparently there seems to be some surprise out there. So what better thing to blog about!

I have never seen Duran Duran in concert...EVER.

I've seen it on VHS/DVD more times than I can count...but I have never seen them live, as in been in the same room with them. I was within 500 feet or so of them in Toronto when they were playing their seminal gig with Blondie at the Toronto CNE stadium in 1982. I BEGGED my mother to take me (tickets were 8.75$ I might add) and of course didn't get to go. I actually cried all the way home.

I actually JUST recalled the other night that my Dad tried to get me tickets for the Maple Leaf Gardens show (when they filmed the Reflex video) but couldn't. I remember my Uncle (My Dad's older brother) offered to have us for the weekend. (His apartment overlooked Maple Leaf Gardens) I could have sat out on his balcony and listened to the show (and to be honest heard it just as well as if I was actually IN the Arena). But I played the teen drama card and felt that there was no way I could possibly just sit on the balcony and would be like rubbing salt in an open wound. Only AFTER the fact did I find out the great lengths (short of buying scalped tickets) that both my Dad and my Uncle went through to try to get me tickets. Oh the teenage drama of it all!

My next opportunity to see Duran was the Wedding Album tour. They were performing at Canada's Wonderland and Rachel bought two tickets. All I needed to do was to get to Toronto where she would pick me up on her way to Canada's Wonderland. I was married (I got married at 18) and had two very young children. My husband was in the Canadian Armed Forces and was a private. We had VERY little money, and were up to our Ta na na na's in debt as it was. In the end, try as we might to arrange didn't happen, and I didn't go. Rachel ended up going with a friend of hers (a NON-Duranie) and didn't enjoy the concert as much as had she gone with me.

The next time the guys went through when I had thought about going was during the Reunion Tour (Astronaut album). I was living in Victoria British Columbia and thought that perhaps I could go to see them in Vancouver...but once more the fates intervened and I didn't go. We had just moved out west and bought our first place, and there was no way that we could afford to have me go.

When this tour came about there was no question, no hesitation...I was going...and that was final. And now here we are, 38 days away...I can hardly believe it. I know I'm growing more and more excited as the days progress, and I'm dying to see them. Once more I apologize to you'll have to put up with me...and those sitting around me...Sorry! I've heard people tell that folks told them to shut up and sit down at the concerts in the past. Yea...that's not going to expected to be told to fuck off and get bent if that happens. They are the band "Designed to make you party"...and I'm going to do just that.

One Last Glimpse,



  1. Lord. Quit posting such horrible photos of me. Even JT being a good looks better. DB LOL

  2. Fuck off or I'll FIND worse photos of you. Love you. Mean it. xoxo

    BTW JT ALWAYS looks better. ;) LMAO

  3. TA NA NA NA !!!