Friday, 23 September 2011

Open Letter #2 - To Duran Duran

Yesterday while pointing people towards the Duran Duran Facebook events pages, a question was posed by Duran Duran Headquarters (Or DDHQ as they often refer to themselves as on Twitter). Asking "What are you most looking forward to"? How can you answer this question in just a few words? It's never that easy or simple, especially when it comes to Duran.

How do you say in a few words something about someone (or in this case a group of someones) who have changed and touched your life so significantly, so profoundly that it even begins to cover what you feel? When answering a question like this, there is a simplistic and easy response: "Everything" but that's so bland and nondescript. And Duran is anything but.

Having never seen Duran in concert before; in my 29 years of being a fan; there is a multitude of things that I'm looking forward to. The music (of course), the palpable energy, the artistry, the brilliance. I'm both proud and honoured to consider myself an "enlightened fool" in my 'Duraniedom'. As I think we; as fans; all should be.

I think I will be completely awestruck if I'm being truthful. I'm going to the show with one of my dearest friends - Rachel - that I've shared a love of this band with for 26 years. It's what or who brought us together, it's only fitting I share this significant and unique experience with her. To finally be able to sing, dance, and party with the band that is designed to make you do just that. All this on Simon Le Bon's birthday...what more could I possibly want?

What am I most looking forward to you ask? 'What am I not?' is my response.

One Last Glimpse,


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  1. Nicely put. The palpable energy -- from both band and audience ... that's the part I crave the most.

    Inexpressibly excited that you'll finally be experiencing "everything".