Wednesday, 28 September 2011

I feel hungohvaah...

This morning I awoke (the morning after the Winery show in Saratoga) and while I was in a good mood, I was a little bit...lethargic and slow. Truthfully, minus the nausea and headache...I felt hungover. I felt like I had been up, all night, tightly wound and then left in a puddle on the floor at the end of the night once I had unspooled myself.

And now...sitting here the next night (the LA show has just finished) while I'm writing this, I feel this way again.I really can't think of a way to describe it except that I FEEL as if I've had the most fantastic, tantric orgasm and now...I'm just sort of floating. I don't feel high, just mellow I guess. Or at least I do now. I suuure didn't earlier.

Remember as a kid, sitting on a swing at the park...and you'd spin the swing around and cross the chains as high and as tight as you could. You'd sit there for a little bit chains tight and crossed. Knowing the moment you let go you'd spin like mad. The smaller you could make yourself the faster you'd spin, and if you stared at the ground while you spun the dizzier you'd be by the time you were "unspun". THAT is how I have felt all evening, and THAT is how I feel now. "Unspun".

It's funny, following these shows as I have been reading everything. Listening to the interviews, watching the twitter feeds. It's exciting watching and reading everyone be SO excited (including the guys), not to mention supportive. I've always known the Duranies were a family, but to actually be able to witness it first hand is pretty cool I have to say.


So it's the next day (the morning after the LA show) and I awoke to a tweet on my phone congratulating me for being on stage with Duran last night in LA. I was confused....But I notice that it's sent to me AND Simon, John and Duran. Now...I know that I'm no where NEAR LA and have no idea how this (what I think is a rumor) got started. So I'm like ummm what?? (I'm awake now!!!). So I quickly came downstairs and tweeted back saying I wasn't in LA, and I certainly wasn't on stage with Duran, I could only wish to be so lucky. (just to clarify any confusion, because I don't want the guys reading this going wth is this crazy chick saying she was on stage??) THEN I find out that our tweets last night were being fed LIVE to the show during Tiger, Tiger and being put up on the big screens. I have NO idea what was said other than I saw mine when I saw a video of it on youtube.

Quite frankly, I think it was a TOTAL fluke, and what I said was really nothing. I'm actually kind of disappointed as there were several other more meaningful things that I said last night that they could have shown - although for all I know, they did. The person who filmed it only HAPPENED to catch that one thing before the panned back to the stage. I mean don't get me wrong, I thought it was damn funny (and cool!). I have no idea why my tweet, especially that one was chosen to be put up, but it was. I'm famous!

I guess I can now say I've been on stage with Duran Duran.

One Last Glimpse,



  1. Awesome!!! So, what did your tweet say?

  2. "@arcadia_2005 sleep well!! #Duranduran #Duranlive #playthatfuckingbassjohn"