Wednesday, 14 September 2011

When I grow up I want to be a wha??

It seems to me for as long as I can remember I've always wanted to be a hairdresser. Since I was probably about 5 or so I think? I don't know why, perhaps it's something in the social aspect of it all, not to mention I've always loved doing hair. I still do.

I had brief flits with wanting to be an Ad Exec. (Thank you Tony Danza and "Who's the Boss") I took advertising in high school, as well as drafting (I guess I also wanted to be an architect?), or even a Private Investigator (Kudos to Magnum P.I for that short lived idea). But for years the idea of being a hair dresser stuck with me.

When I hit high school everyone and anyone (or so it seemed) came to me for advice. I knew more secrets about my friends and the people I went to school with than a priest does from the confessional and his own parishioners. I knew it all. And on more than one occasion I had people tell me that I should become a shrink. While that's flattering that people think I have the ability within myself to deal with that...I honestly think that I would either a) become depressed myself with some of the stories or b) want to beat the crap out of some of the patients I was trying to help. Probably not the best idea.

My sister always had this crazy notion that she thought I'd make a great fashion designer. I'm not sure where that idea came into play. I never really thought I had a good eye for fashion, not to mention I'm not the best drawer/artist (read: can't draw worth a lick) but I appreciate the idea none the less.

More recently the idea of photography had come to mind as something I'd like to take classes in. And truthfully while I still would it seems to have gone to the back burner. Today Alan and were playing the "If/When we win the lottery" game. Alan said to me "OH! I know exactly what I would get you!!"  My response? "I don't know that his wife would appreciate that...and besides I have no where to put him!".

When Alan was done shaking his head he said "No, but I'd love to get him to give you a lesson for an hour!" (ME TOO!!!...but I think he meant bass lesson) I added that I didn't think John would ever give anyone a bass lesson, as I don't think he'd feel that he would be a good teacher. While I think he has confidence in his bass playing, I don't think he'd have confidence in the ability to teach someone else. Maybe I'm wrong. Who knows.

What surprised me more was later Alan said he'd love to go to the UK and learn to metal smith. Instantly my mind was taken to all the amazing English and writing classes I could take, and how much I could learn. Rumor has it England is where English originated from! Who knew?! It's not just a cleaver name! Also apparently there's this British play write guy and some novelists? I can't remember their names off the top of my head...(must not be that relevant to English Literature...ha ha! Kidding!)

I have to admit I was floored that what I want to be?? A writer?? Maybe someday...when I grow up...I'll figure it out. Until then...I guess I'll keep writing!

One Last Glimpse,



  1. "I don't know that his wife would appreciate that...and besides I have nowhere to put him!" LMFAO!! And, damn! where'd you find that photo? I'll take a cold shower now. I have a place to put him, in case Alan feels like buying me a present.

    Ahem, back to serious business. I think you are grow'd up...

  2. LOL I found the picture on the site actually. I do believe it was taken within the last week or so. And ROTFL @ "I have a place to put him".

    Back to serious business -- Only physically...LOL ;)