Tuesday, 27 September 2011

The Mountain Winery

So I'm standing here at work, just before my shift is to begin - it's mid afternoon on this rainy, gloomy Monday. It's September 26th, 2011 and one of my Duran sisters (Andi) is experiencing her first Duran show ever tonight and I couldn't be more excited!

How excited she must be! What emotions she must be feeling. It's mere hours away now left for her, probably about 10 I'd guess. How thrilling!! I'm truly in awe and wonder as I write this wondering what I will be thinking and feeling at this point in a months time. I mean yes, I have an idea of how I'll be feeling, but I want to know what does that feel like?? I can put words to it..but I really have nothing to compare it to. I'm fairly certain no concert I have ever been to thus far in my life will be as exciting and turn me on (for lack of a better way to put it) quite as much as the Duran concert will.

I mean really. It's a different level of excitement that I really have no basis of comparison for. It wasn't until recently that Alan finally "got" my excitement for Duran. It's not that he's not a fan, I've mentioned before that he is. But HE had nothing to compare it to either. He's recently re-immersed himself into his Star Wars passion, and I think now...he "gets it". He understands what I mean and how I feel, and the excitement and rush that only they can bring me.

Jane is also going this evening. It's her second show and I know she's already beside herself. She's so excited and filled with anticipation because there is no rush quite like the Duran live experience. That much I understand. It's its own euphoric high that must be experienced to be believed.

The band performing tonight is not the only thing of beauty on the books for the evening. The locale is breathtakingly exquisite. It's full of ambiance and beauty all on it's own. Not to mention I'm sure the acoustics in the place are amazing.

I'm so excited to "share" this experience with them. As they will be to share in Rach and my experience. I'm currently receiving intermittent texts from Jane as she prepares...with each text I can read in her words the excitement is building. Her responses are becoming giddy and lighthearted. And it's exciting to see that happening.

John too just tweeted that they were leaving Portland and on their way to Saratoga. How exciting. How thrilling...for everyone involved. 3rd show, first two by my understanding were stellar, outstanding shows.

Tonight should be just breathtaking. Amazing venue, amazing band, and some amazing people (band and fan). I am proud to not only say that they're my fellow Duranies...but also my friends...and family.

Love you, sing strong, and be proud.

One Last Glimpse,


Post script: Tweets and texts are coming in as the concert is progressing. They're filled with nothing but love, happiness, and raw emotion. I can feel the euphoric high that you are feeling right at this moment it's just that intense. I'm sitting here now at home in front of my computer loving each and every update. It is truly a privilege and an honour to know you. I thank you for making me a part of your life.

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