Monday, 12 September 2011

The werewolf moon

"The most wonderful werewolf moon following me home..Life is so good. Thank you" ~ John Taylor - Twitter feed 10/09/2011

Saturday; truthfully; was a great day. Personally I was full of energy, and felt as though I had accomplished a lot. I blogged, played, chatted with friends. Online on Twitter there were laughs had which were so much fun. On a few occasions I couldn't see my monitor I was laughing so hard; tears were streaming down my face. I love to laugh like that. To the point where you can't stop, it was fantastic. 

There was also a lot of anticipation and excitement about the 4th and final "rehearsal gig". Would Simon's voice make it through 3 nights of back to back gigs? The answer by all accounts was a resounding and wholehearted "yes". John tweeted on his way home grateful, thankful, emotionally honest tweets. John tends to wear his heart on his sleeve, but it was blatantly obvious he was so full of pride, and happiness it was great. He thanked the fans...and seemingly the universe for putting them back where they belonged. On stage, performing for us, their fans...and for themselves. It truthfully brought a lump to my throat and a tear to my eye.

Simon was quoted in an article I read this past week, saying while on the hiatus he realized that he didn't know how to do anything else, and how he wasn't good at anything else. Truthfully I felt for the guy. Here you are at 50+ years old, having only known and done music since you were a young man...and now the terrifying reality sets in that you don't know and can't do anything other than that which you've been doing, and been extraordinarily successful at all of your adulthood. Now you are standing on the precipice with the real and distinct possibility that you can't return to the life you knew, and moreover you weren't anywhere near ready to giving it up when you (temporarily) had it all ripped from you. But not just you, others that depend on you. Talk about a reality check, and putting things into perspective, not to even mention the fact the sudden and mass appreciation of all the gifts you've been given. That is not to say that the guys don't appreciate what they have because I'm pretty sure that is not the case whatsoever. 

I believe they've come to a point with themselves and with the fans that they are very much WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get). I think that they so much in the 80's just slapped the smile on and did whatever was expected of them if they wanted to or not. But now, being older and dare I say wiser (?!) I think they're comfortable in their own skin, and with their fans that they can truly show and expose themselves (Simmer down ladies!!) to let everyone know them...for them. That they're people. People with feelings, short comings, foibles. People who have and do make mistakes. People who have good days and bad ones. People who sometimes; although they're snazzy dressers are still the "consummate unproffesional, hopless neuro-mantique and invertebrate bad speler" that they've always been. To be honest, I think I respect them more now, than when they were all shiny, glossy and hanging up around my bedroom. Mind you, I am 29 years older than I was when I first started down this path. But More mature?? Maybe not so much.

It was very evident Sunday morning Simon was still riding the high of excitement from the last few days. He tweeted steadily, full of energy, positivity and it was obvious he was still hyped up from the Oxford gig Saturday night. Who could blame him?!

Saturday night for me (post concert) Rachel and I went to our friend Nat's boat. Rachel is not a boat kind of girl. She very much can relate with Nick's theory of "liking women like I like my boats...tied up." minus the women part for Rachel...unless she is the one...well...never mind. I digress. So I was very proud of her that she made the effort to get on the boat even though it was tied up and we weren't going anywhere. She came aboard, chatted had a couple drinks (Rach is in the pic below) and laughed uproariously once again to the point of tears. My friend Nat's husband Shawn (who is not a Duranie in the slightest, nor is Nat -- although she knows some of their stuff) cranked the radio when they came on singing "Hungry like the wolf" (much to our surprise). I had to laugh when Shawn recognized the song and then yelled "HEY KEN!!!" with a huge grin and turned it up a few more notches on the volume. We (Nat, Rach and I) proceeded to karaoke the shit out of it. Oh yea...we rocked that thing. 3 part harmonies and everything. We're thinking about going on the road...maybe open for them next tour. I kid of course...but, we did rock it!

I truly love the days when things such as Saturday...just randomly happen. Those serendipitous moments that just make your day shine a whole lot brighter. 

Sunday morning I awoke to this tweet from Simon on my feed: 
"Well, if I have to say so myself Duran Duran were fucken AWESOME at Oxford's O2 acad. last night." ~ Simon Le Bon - Twitter feed 11/09/2011

Indeed. Now, let's get this show on the road!!! We're ready...are you? 12 days till kick off...

45 days...and counting.

One Last Glimpse,



  1. Lord Kendra... I love the blog but I look like an alcoholic beached whale LOL

  2. LMAO! Whatever you do not!!! I loved this pic! Thought it was a great one from the other night. It was either that one or the one I took of the frog because truthfully...none of them turned out.

  3. "You know you're something special and you look like you're the best..."