Saturday, 19 November 2011

Class Personified

It's funny - you think you know people, stars, or your idols after you've read enough about them. You think you know all you need to. But do you? Or are you clouded by your own personal affinity and affections or disdain for the person that an accurate picture can't truly be formed? Let's face, it the media is not always kind and stories can and do get blown out of proportion. I mean really...

But then...on the odd occasion even after you've formed your own thoughts and opinions about someone, you've  read things (good, bad or indifferent) you find yourself in unexpected conversation with people or the person you never in a million years you thought you would be and you find out that they're exactly the type of person they are. In this case, the person I'm speaking of...I'm very pleased to exactly what I envisioned them to be like (from the limited actual personal exposure I've had to them).

You see, I've always liked Julie Anne Rhodes. I've always felt she was not only beautiful and glamorous, but intelligent and smart as well. (And yes...there is a difference).

For those of you; who don't know who Julie Anne Rhodes is; she is a former model as well as the ex wife of the keyboardist Nick Rhodes of Duran Duran. She is the bloggess extraordinaire and owner of The Roving Stove . She always takes the time out of her personal chef career to answer (most) questions and take part on her website. She's funny and uplifting. And she's also in by books...class personified.

Today the Duran site announced that Nick had received an honorary doctorate from the University of Bedfordshire for his contribution to the Arts. Before Jewels Tweeted or Facebooked anything having to do with her own business...she took the time to both Tweet and Facebook her personal congratulations about Nick (her ex husband's) honor and doctorate. Only a class act would do that. Class. Act.

One Last Glimpse,


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  1. Excellent. As you well know, I completely agree. LOVE her. She has saved me countless hours and hassle in dinner menus and strategy. Her blog posts have always come at the right moment and she offers sincere compliments and advice. I will never forget the day Amy Winehouse died. In the middle of ToysRUs with my girls when my husband texted it. I texted Kendra asking or confirmation and my heart broke. Her blog was up when I got home and I thanked her for it as it gave a brief reprieve in a sad day. Her advice was heartfelt and wonderful. Like you, I've thought she was stunningly beautiful since I saw their wedding photograph in Tigerbeat. She's learned from her mistakes and made a wonderful life for herself.