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My sister Kristen and I were talking the other day about different concerts I've seen over the years. I got thinking about it...and it's an interesting list.

My very first concert was a Canadian band called Platinum Blonde. I was in grade 9 and another Canadian act Animotion opened for them at the London Gardens. (Although that was not supposed to be my first concert had things gone the way they were supposed to go...Bruce Springsteen would have been my first concert (although had I had MY way Duran would have been my first concert -- but I digress!). My Mom had bought tickets from someone that she worked with boyfriend. Two weeks before the concert the tickets were confiscated into evidence when he was busted for scalping Tina Turner tickets for her Private Dancer tour. Ooops!) So Platinum Blonde it was. If you've never heard of Platinum Blonde it's really no big surprise. I don't think they really broke out any further than Canada (maybe into the States somewhat but I don't think much further...) They're biggest hit as I understand it was probably this one called "Crying over You".  Probably not my favourite one that they came out with, but definitely their most popular. (Animotion had their own hits with Obsession and later Room to Move ).

My second concert was supposed to be David Lee Roth (when he was solo from Van Halen). I had purchased the ticket but one of the people I was to go with (who was driving) claimed he "didn't have room for me" (which was bullshit - he just didn't like me). So while I had the ticket...I didn't go. I found out the next day that not only was there room for me in the car (Angus drove this big ass "boat" of a car)...but that DLR had been brought out into the audience on a surf board and been taken right past my friend Natalie while she screamed and cheered in delight. Rat bastards.

I saw Glass Tiger , and Honeymoon Suite (my two favourite songs for H.S.) at free concerts in Victoria Park (a local park here in downtown London). As well as Kim Mitchell at a hot air balloon festival here in London. All of these are Canadian if you haven't heard of them...don't feel bad. While they all have their own absolutely qualities about them...I don't think any of them are still around and together performing (that includes Platinum Blonde and Animotion for that matter -- at least one member of Platinum Blonde passed in the last few years).

I think the next concert I saw wasn't until the late 90's (as we won't even discuss the whole Duran Duran Wedding Album tour heartbreak fiasco). I saw Savage Garden (again one of my favourite songs one of their more known ones). I saw Savage Garden on their final tour together -- what a brilliant show that was. I am a huge, huge Savage Garden/Darren Hayes fan. They are the only ones (aside from Duran) that I could listen to for hours and not be tired of the music. I have loved other bands/groups/musicians and while none have EVER surpassed Duran...I think Savage Garden/Darren Hayes is one of the very few that have come close.

I saw Nsync (three times total). The first show had Pink open for them when she had released her first album. While Nsync's show was always brilliant and entertaining - Pink was completely amazing. She sang, in tune, without being able to hear herself. I was floored. I would go back to see Pink any day, any time, any where.
She was just that good.

The next show I saw was one that Mar-Cat and I went to see together. New Kids on The Block. Mary loved New Kids growing up. And I'll admit it...I liked them too. It was an exciting milestone in our sistership to be able to enjoy them together in their reunion tour (considering the fact that when they broke up years prior neither she nor I ever thought we'd be sharing that moment -- but there we were). It was a blast. And I loved it.

Then there was "Rock the Park" 2 years ago. London every year hosts a 3 or 4 day festival with various bands performing to raise awareness and money for MLD . I saw April Wine , Heart (who were completely, unbelievably staggeringly mind blowing) and the iconic southern rockers Lynrd Skynrd in one show. What a fantastic afternoon/evening of music.

Earlier this year was a revisit back to New Kids with Mary. Only THIS time... Backstreet Boys got into the mix. (Mary's other favourite band growing up). So we went to Toronto and saw NKOTBSB baby.... . Their show was high energy, and a lot of fun...but truthfully knowing what awaited me, and having already seen New Kids... it wasn't as over the top as I had hoped it would be. That's not to say I didn't have fun with Mary, Maureen and Megan. I absolutely did! I just wasn't as psyched as I thought I would be.

And then of course...most recently there was Duran Duran . There's nothing really I can say about that that I haven't already conveyed my thoughts on. Brilliant. Mind blowing. Sexy. Everything I thought and knew it would be...and more.

I love concerts. I love music. It's something that drives me and that I have a passion for. I don't get to as many concerts as I'd like to. And certainly there's bands past and current that I'd like to see (or see again...can't imagine who that would be) and hopefully, someday I'll have that opportunity.

One Last Glimpse,


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