Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Mary Catharine Mungar: My Mary-Cat

When Alan and I started dating, I was 16...he was 18. He was my first serious boyfriend, and not only was he the one that I lost my virginity to...but he was also ultimately "The One".

Alan is the oldest of 7 children. Some are full siblings, some are step and one is a half sibling. It matters not which are which. They see each other as brothers and sisters as they should. From oldest to youngest they are: Alan, Rob, Dan, Megan, Christine, Maureen and Mary.

Through various stages I have had close relationships with each of them. They're good people who (like everyone) have their flaws and foibles but are good people whom I love and care for very deeply.

For some reason; right from the get go; my youngest sister (in law) and I have hit it off. I used to go to pick her up from kindergarten and she would always get so excited when she saw me. She always had the biggest, warmest hug for me every time I saw her. She still does and I cherish that. Very deeply.

Maybe it's because I didn't treat her like a "little kid" or a child. Maybe it's because I always watched tv with her when she asked, maybe it's because I always said "yes" when she'd ask me to play cards with her. Just an FYI Mar, I never EVER "let you win" it's not my thing. I just sucked! Ha! Ha!

Mary is a spectacularly caring, loving, and nurturing individual. She is; by far; the hands down favourite Aunt out of all her nieces and nephews. Simply because while she is the "cool" Aunt...she also keeps them in line and keeps them all in check. She can also be a drama-mama but is fully aware of that aspect of her personality and tries to avoid it like the plague or have it surface as little as she can manage it.

Mary is not only my sister (in law) but also my friend. Ours is a unique relationship and I am thankful for her more than I could ever put into words. It's a true honour to know the beautiful, young woman she has become and I am so very proud of her. As she should be of herself.

Mary-Cat my Mary-Cat,

 I am so proud of you. You're smart, funny, beautiful and loving. Everything I know your Mom hoped you would be. You are a strong, brave woman who has at times had difficulties tossed her way. Always know that you are loved by so many here and gone. They knew you loved them just as much as they loved you.

 Also...never forget the following: Please Don't Go Girl, because you've got the Right Stuff. You're my Cover Girl, my Valentine Girl, and my Favourite Girl. Even if it's 2 in the Morning, in the Summertime, you know if you take it Step by Step Tonight I'll be Loving You Forever. So Whatcha Gonna Do About it? Just keep Hangin Tough...because I Need You...and have a Funky, Funky Christmas.

One Last Glimpse,


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