Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Gentlemen...start your engines!

I've decided I'm willing to concede the fact that the UK shows are probably going to be exponentially better (if that's possible) than the North American leg. For a multitude of reasons. Really...we didn't have to wait or have a delay for when we saw them. It's my understanding our dates were pretty much when they should have been. But the UK they've waited since May (or so) not even to mention the fact that it's on home turf.

John has already stated he's a ball of nerves, personally I think he's a feistyfrisky ball of nerves going on his tweet response to poor Victoria (@boxfullohoney) who I'm certain fell out her chair at work. Gods know I would have!

But I mean really...Come on now. It's the home crowd!! It's no different than any other band. That is absolutely not to say that they didn't rip the roof off every joint they went to in North America, because judging by reviews and testaments by other Duranies they absolutely did. I know they certainly did in Toronto the night I had the privilege of seeing them. But it's a different vibe I'd wager playing on home turf, a completely different ball of wax.A little more nerve wracking, a little more exciting, and likely a different crowd and vibe. But then again I think it's always been that way really. How exciting for them though - for everyone. The UK guys have waited for months. I think it's all going to be just stellar. I'd love nothing more than to see them in the UK. I think that would be a thrill and a half! 

They don't have much longer to wait now, and judging by the fact that Simon was up at 1am this morning tweeting, he's about ready to set sail and fly too. One day more guys... so as they say here in North America...


You're in for one HELL of a ride...again.

One Last Glimpse,


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