Friday, 25 November 2011

Memory: It's not just a song from Cats

I was having a conversation with a couple people on Facebook tonight (about Duran) when I suddenly had the epiphany, I know FAR too much and retain far too much information about this band for someone who's never worked for them. I think I should start charging. Either that or write a damn book. Honestly, if I put half the damn energy into other tasks and things I want to accomplish I'd be done by now! Why I hold onto so many "useless" facts about this band is beyond me. (Okay not useless -- but you know what I mean) Quotes, dates, etc. It's really. I mean...there is a WEALTH of Duran trivia locked up here. *taps head*

It's not like I can just do a memory dump or format the hard drive and start over - not really that I'd want to. I don't mind having this ability to recall information or memories this well. And (Gods forbid) if I ever have Alzheimer's I'll miss my mind when it's gone. Although with my luck I'd probably forget to Alan and the kids are but retain PERFECT knowledge of who Duran is and all that those memories and information encompass.

But really it's not JUST for Duran though, just stupid little quotes and things people have said or done over the years. Dates (normal) people would have long forgotten. Just the other day I was driving along with my friend Nat when I recalled a memory from when I was probably about 6 or 7 from out at my Dad's. We're talking down to a finite detail. It scared me. I quickly got on my cell phone and texted my sister Kristen asking her if she too recalled this memory (thankfully she did and I didn't sound like a COMPLETE crack-pot).

I have no idea WHY I have such an exceptional memory I just do. I've been complimented on it before, I've had people come to me asking me to recall memories because they cannot. It's scared me on a couple of occasions the detail I've been able to go into. Occasionally I have felt like some sort of mutant or defect because of it. When I say great detail by the way...we're talking who was there, what time of day, if or not it was raining, who was wearing what...what was said... like down to the most minuscule detail. I've even said (when I'm recalling a memory) "Don't you remember this?" And they usually look at me like I have 5 heads and say "No." I guess I assume because I remember stuff the way I do...EVERYBODY does.

But having said that...I dream and converse with dead people and people that I have never met. So my judgement is suspect.

One Last Glimpse,


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