Friday, 18 November 2011

Veni, Vidi, Duranie (I came, I saw, I Duraned)

I'm at work and it's far busier than normal for any Sunday that I've worked so far since we opened almost a year ago. The Boys (it's funny at 50+ how they're still referred to as "Boys") are down in Brazil at a festival they're playing at. They actually (according to the wonders of technology and all that is Twitter) just finished a truncated set and now John is watching Peter Gabriel from side stage. How odd and yet extraordinarily cool that must be to watch someone you idolize and enjoy performing while you watch them "side stage".

I don't think something like that could ever feel like it was common place or normalcy, although after 30 years I suppose to them it would be for he most part. Or it could be... or have the potential to be. Would it make i any less exciting? No, I'm sure not. Do I think they take advantage of heir position? Maybe sometimes...who wouldn't? I'm sure though that they've learned over the years when and where to name drop and use their station without being labelled a pratt, git, arrogant or a general brat or pain in the ass. It also comes with maturity I'm sure as well. I mean they're still John "Fucking" Taylor or Simon "Fucking" Le Bon of course, just now (dare I say it?) a might more mature, grown up version. Okay, maybe not.

I've felt more myself the last few days... which is great because I was feeling completely out of sorts. It was disturbing actually. I've been short agitated and just generally bitchy and cranky lately. Mind you as I said before I hadn't even come off the high from seeing Duran in Toronto when Brad passed. I've not handled his death well (for me) normally I'm fairly even keeled and very much a move forward, move on, see them in the next life (if not before) kind of girl. But he was so young, and his death was so heartbreaking-ly tragic that it's been difficult for everyone. There's things that were left unresolved with so many with him and now there's no chance for them to resolve the issues. The guilt for them is palpable and is something that they'll have to live with for the rest of their lives. I'm grateful that the last thing I said to Brad was "Love you".

I'm listening to my MP3 player here at work and Simon is singing "Save a Prayer". This lyric (among others) has always had me baffled. (I know you're thinking WOT? A Simon Le Bon lyric has you baffled?? Say it ain't so! I can't imagine it! Oh, but it is...) "Don't say a prayer for me now, save it till the morning after." The morning after what exactly? The next morning? Why wait? And what exactly did he do the night before that he may require a prayer for the next morning? (Clearly by this last paragraph it has become obvious I have far too much time on my hands here at work). But seriously? Don't even get me started on "Union of the Snake". What the fuck does a snake need a union for? Do they have dental? (And why in the hell would you want to stay a cold day with a lonely satellite? Why is the satellite lonely in the first place? Am I seriously the only one who wonders these things?)

Anyway...what was my point again?

One Last Glimpse,



  1. Really had me giggling at the end! =)
    and no, you're not the only 1 to wonder these things!

  2. LMAO at the end. You definitely sound more yourself in this post. An SLB lyric is confusing or incomprehensible? Nahhh. When they handed out poetic licenses, he snatched the whole fucking bundle. And then ran, looking over his shoulder and laughing.