Saturday, 3 December 2011

On the third day of Christmas...

So this morning after dropping off our eldest daughter to work, Alan and I drove out the other side of town to go and get our meat order from the farmer's market. We have two here in town and the last time he went to one of them (the one we DIDN'T go to today) it didn't go so well. Alan tends to be a little twitchy when it comes to places like that; due to his PTSD; but he said he was willing to give it a go so out we went.

The Trails End is a large long sectioned off farmers market. It has an area for produce, an area for furniture and an area where meat and pretty much everything else is sold. Alan and I were wandering through the last area when he said to me "Hey...what's upstairs?" I said "I dunno I've never been up there..." So we went up. And that's when I saw it. The vinyl. Like a tractor beam it pulled me in. I was helpless. I quickly pawed through the album covers laughing mockingly at some of them recalling them in my parents and grand-parents collections.

And that's when I saw a beacon out of the darkness. Arcadia - So Red The Rose. I grabbed it...then I saw Notorious and grabbed that too. Suddenly it wasn't as mockingly funny anymore and I became like a rabid hunter. Very territorial. No one could look through the records for sale until *I* was finished, even if they had wanted to!...A second copy of Arcadia came into my sights...I grabbed that so I could choose between the two and get the best copy. They were used after all, so it was plausible that one may be better than the other. I also saw an album by Nik Kershaw that I grabbed having loved Nik Kershaw back in the day.

Now...I don't have a record player anymore...and I'm really quite hoping that Santa doesn't disappoint me this year and gets me one...or I'm well and truly buggered. Wouldn't that be funny? ....Not so much. That fat and jolly man would be finding my fat foot up his fat arse and making a hasty trip down to the local Future Shop or hitting up post haste.

One Last Glimpse,


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