Friday, 16 December 2011

Random writing: "Vampiric Embrace"

Random writing while at work this evening, enjoy! 

He was watching her again from the shadows, as he often did. Her skin was luminescent, her eyes of the purest ice blue, her hair long and flowing. A raven shade with a tinge of blue in the right light. She was captivating to all around her. Exquisite, other-worldly. Perfect.

He dragged his tongue along his elongated canine. He growled under his breath as a pang of lust filled hunger struck him. And he was hungry, starving in fact. He felt a stirring inside himself when he looked at her. And it was not the first time. He clicked his tongue once more against his tooth and shrunk further into the shadows.

He stepped out of the club and into the night. The air was crisp and it had been snowing again. He put his head down, thrust his hands into his pockets and began to trudge throw the snow. He looked up to see where he was going sporadically, and occasionally to look at passers by. But aside from that he did his best to shut out the world.

"You left so quickly Seamus...didn't even say good-night." she was perched on the bench as he approached, "That was rude...don'tcha think?" she turned her ice blue gaze to him. He faltered in step, stumbling to a stop in front of her. She stood up within inches of him and licked her lips.

"You...startled me Morghan." he managed

She cut him off "Are you certain you want to venture down this path Seamus?" she said breathlessly as she twirled his long dark locks between her perfectly manicured fingers. She cocked her head to one side. He was striking. Tall, sleek, sexy...but no self confidence. She could fix that.

He opened his mouth to speak, quickly she put her finger to his lips, slowly shaking her head staring into his dark chocolate eyes. A smile crossed her lips as she stared at him, his mouth still agape. He was captivated, mesmerized and under her spell. Had she told him to bark like a dog he would have. Gladly. She inhaled deeply, capturing his scent in her nostrils. She once again smiled as she closed her eyes.

"Seamus...I like you..." she said giddily "So, I'm going to give you a chance..." she said turning her back to him.

"A chance?" he replied softly, "to what?"

Slowly she turned around to face him, her blue eyes shone as bright as the moon. "To run..." she said simply revealing her fanged smile.

One Last Glimpse,


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