Monday, 12 December 2011

Oh the weather outside is... EFFING COLD

I wish it would just snow...but be warm. I know that's a total contradictory idealism since it needs to be cold TO snow...but ugh - I hate the cold. I don't mind the snow. I like the snow where you can wander around in jeans and a sweatshirt and a scarf and a pair of gloves...and you're fine. I cannot stand this weather where your nipples are SO hard that they could not only cut through glass but also through just about anything else, including a diamond. Do men have this problem? If so...why don't they ever speak of it? Are they too busy ogling our breasts and nipples to care? These there the things I want to know about.

I'm working tomorrow, off Tuesday and Wednesday, work Thursday and Friday off Saturday and Sunday. Saturday is going to be a busy one. Saturday afternoon is Alan's mother's side of the family's Christmas party. It's a 2 hour function and is generally pretty painless, and is actually being held about 200feet from my house. Saturday evening is a party at my friend Nat's house, her yearly Christmas soiree which I'm certain will be another fun filled evening! I'm very excited! I have a new outfit for the occasion and everything!

Tomorrow morning I am going to go and purchase one of those Christmas know the kind. The one you are SO excited to see the person's face when they open it that you can barely stand it and you haven't even bought the gift yet. You see...Neil Diamond is coming to my sister and I were raised on the Holy Jewish Trinity as I have made mention before. Neil Diamond was a big hit at my Dad's place. In June he will be here in my city. I am going tomorrow to go buy tickets for myself, my sister and my Dad to go together to see him. But if you see my Dad...act like you don't know anything! He is going to be completely blown away and I am so excited!! It's just one of those gifts you know?

Speaking of my sister it's her birthday tomorrow (today - the 12th)...I didn't get to see her like I'd hoped but I'll see her at Christmas at my Dad's so it's all good. She'll get her gift then. Anyway, it's now 1:46am and I need to go to bed. I have to be up and downtown by 10am tomorrow to get those tickets!!! I'll post tomorrow and let you all know how it went!

One Last Glimpse,


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