Wednesday, 14 December 2011

What the feck did I smoke before bed last night??

Okay, let me preface this by saying it has been many, many moons since I smoked ANYTHING (legal or not). I took some medication last night before bed however and I don't know if it had anything to do with my dream or not. I'll say not as it makes the following story much more interesting and also...I've had bizarre dreams such as this WITHOUT taking medication in the past. Which disturbs me a smidgen...but anyway...

I had this dream I was on this boat...we're talking full on Titanic-esque cruise ship. It seemed like everyone I ever knew, or knew of...was on this ship. And I do mean E_V_E_R_Y_O_N_E. At one point we're dressed in these costumes (1800's wear) and Me and someone or someones (I want to say I was with 2 or maybe 3 other people but I don't know who) go running up to Alan who is talking to the Captain. He's speaking to him in a semi-casual sort of manner but also as if he is the first mate but on leave or something. ANYWAY we go running up and I look at the Captain COMPLETELY bewildered because I *THINK* it was someone like Nick Rhodes who COMPLETELY LOATHES boats/sailing and gets violently seasick (I don't know that it WASN'T Nick Rhodes -- but I don't know that it WAS either). Anyway I'm looking at the Captain and I'm totally confused as to why THIS person is our Captain knowing how they feel about boats and sailing. At this point now things have shifted and we're in normal clothing and out of the costumes we had had on.

It's daytime and we're heading at a decent clip, I want to say we're in the English Channel but honestly I'm not sure (I've never BEEN IN the English Channel so I wouldn't know the English Channel if it walked up and slapped me in the face, I'm just telling you what I know!) Anyway!! But for WHATEVER reasons we're sailing straight for Nazi warships (keep in mind as far as *I* recall we're in modern times this was not a period piece dream aside from the costumes we were wearing earlier, so where the hell the Nazi's come from is BEYOND me). We explain to the Captain and Alan that we're heading towards these Nazi warships and perhaps we should steer clear of them. I remember they had these BIIIIG huge ass swastikas on the steam funnels. I don't recall being scared as I figure I WOULD be; considering...I just recall thinking UGH really?? Nazi's??  And I remember saying "If we get in their way they're gonna be pissed off and the last thing we need are screaming, angry Germans on our hands having little Nazi temper tantrums". LMAO  I know we steered clear of them, but I don't know if they saw us or if anything happened after that but ya...there you have it.

Like I said...what the FECK did I smoke before bed last night?

One Last Glimpse,


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