Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Andy Taylor...

***I'm going to make note...it's January28th, 2012 - about a month or more since I posted this blog entry. I'm actually going to re-read it and re-edit it where I feel necessary. I think I was a little angry perhaps when I wrote this, and my anger is misplaced.*** ~K

 Before I start this post, let me say I have no intention of bashing down Andy Taylor. My intent of this blog is to try to look at all sides objectively.

As I've said before...Andy Taylor (much like Warren Cuccurullo and Dom Brown) have etched his notch into Duran's history and legend. Andy is a wonderful guitarist who has made contributions to Duran Duran pretty much from it's inception or damn close to it. Yes, John played guitar before Andy came into play so he wasn't always Duran's guitarist however to be fair, Andy hasn't always been Duran's guitarist either. Warren has logged on the books more time than Andy has as Duran's guitarist. (Warren 12 years, Andy 11 years respectively).

I get the whole "Fab Five" reunited mentality. And quite frankly before all is said and done I think I wouldn't mind seeing them perform together 'one last time'...but in Simon's words "Things would have to change". Indeed they would. Having watched "Live from London" the footage is truly staggering. It's amazing to see the five together again, but on the flip side of the same token...it's sad to see the varying degrees of the members onstage. You can see there are times where Simon tries to pull Andy's focus back in to what they're doing, and it seems like Andy is oblivious or maybe he just doesn't give a shit when he aimlessly wanders the stage. Or maybe that's just how he is. I dunno.

Now, I know guitarists are known for their eccentricity and occasionally alcohol or drug battles. I know they tend to parade around like their cocks are 2 foot long and they are king of everything. But honestly and truthfully having seen Dom play, as much as I would love to have seen the "Fab five" together...I think it would be a distraction for me to watch Andy perform. Does it mean I dislike Andy? No. I think some of his actions  he's done in the past on the guys are of quite the level of ultimate douchebaggery, but I don't hate the guy. I don't even KNOW the guy for fuck sakes. I only know what I have read and seen and heard. But I wasn't there, so I don't know exactly what has gone down in the past...nor would I want to even wager and harbor a guess. Truth is stranger than fiction and there is always two sides to every story. Usually somewhere in the middle is the truth.

I mean there IS talent there absolutely without a doubt. The cat can play. Quite frankly, I don't know if I could ever see another reunion between them. I think he's too set in his ways and them too much in theirs. Their just on totally different pages at this point, Duran is so in the right now, going full throttle and the I think Andy is plodding along, doing is own thing, making his own music. I don't think it's ever going to be salvageable relationship, and permanent reunion. I could see maybe a "one off" concert or something. But other than that...

And I feel for Dom ya know? People always rip on him for NOT being Andy. (Although I notice no one ever says that he's not Warren - woops!)  I mean the guy DOES an AMAZING job. He fits well but because he's not the original guitarist...you bail on your loyalty to the band and say how you wish Andy was back or that Warren was a better guitarist than either of them (this is stuff I've read folks! Don't shoot the messenger!). That's just...wrong. Good on ya Dom...if you ever (by some fluke) read this, I think it's about good God Dammed time Duran had a guitarist that wasn't off the rails somehow. Having said that, it's my understanding Andy had a heart attack within the last few years. I hope he's on the road to a healthy future and I hope Andy's new album Motherlode does really well and I wish him nothing but successes. But as for getting back with Duran? I doubt it would ever happen aside from perhaps a handful of shows or a "one off". Oh well. Only time will tell, but my money is banked on Mr. Brown instead of Mr. Taylor. Sorry Andy. xx

One Last Glimpse,


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