Thursday, 22 December 2011

Random thoughts vrs 1.0

I know I said that my last blog entry might be my last before Christmas but this kinda grabbed me and I thought I'd blog about it.

Someone just tweeted that they wondered if this was Duran's "Farewell" tour (JUST their personal random thoughts this person had, this is not rumor NOR is it fact). However it seemed...odd to me (personally I don't think that it is) BUT...I'd like to give my thoughts on that. Let me start by saying that if it IS their farewell tour, at least I can say that I got to see them. First, foremost, and hands down. No regrets. HOWEVER...

Let me explain moreover why I DON'T think that this is their "Farewell" tour.

I honestly think that Duran have a connection with their fans now more than ever and there is a mutual respect there. I think, had that been the case, that they would have said "This is our Farewell tour" not because I think they owe that much to us (which I do) but I don't think John would be able to keep something like that quiet for THIS long. (Sorry M'Lord Tweetleaks - Love you though!)

I think there was a massive scare when Simon lost his voice, the future was unknown for all of them. But I think with this 'second chance' that they've been given they know well enough not to fuck with what they've got. They know enough to do the BEST they can do and that they too are fallible. They're not these omnipotent beings that are untouchable and they'd better take care of themselves.

ANYONE who has watched them closely in interviews, read the tweets, watched them on stage this time around...this is the most fun I think that they've had in YEARS. Everyone is sober, everyone is healthy, everyone is clean and in a positive place. They're supportive, they genuinely care for each other. They hang out OUTSIDE of work. Dom tweeted he was at Simon's house the other night to watch a football match and for dinner. If you don't give two shits about someone you certainly don't do that.

And to be 100% honest, had ANY tour been the "Farewell" tour, it would have been Astronaut/Reunion tour. I mean really...go out with the original five members. But they didn't.

Let's not even mention the fact what a massive success the "All you need is Now" album has been not to mention the "G1RL PAN1C!" video film (which currently stands at 4,766,489 viewers in one month's time). I personally think they'll finish up this world tour, take some time off and always...go back into the studio. Which will probably take a year to complete - during which time John will release his book and we'll be back to where we are or were not 3 months ago embarking on another tour. These are just my thoughts though.

I mean it's possible perhaps I'm deluding myself into this comfy, cushy thought process because I don't want to think about the ride being over quite yet. And it's certainly been a ride for these last 29 years...but I don't "wanna get off" and  truthfully I don't want them to "slow down the roundabout" yet. But then again I don't think I have to worry about that, I suspect there's a few more spins left to go round.

One Last Glimpse,


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