Sunday, 11 December 2011

Playing catch up: What day of Christmas are we on?

Ok so when last I left you...It was snowing (didn't amount to much except a dusting), Lexi's birthday was approaching (it's today). We had a great family dinner out at this lovely Japanese/Korean restaurant we go to sometimes...had a huge ass feast of sushi and various other foods and a wonderful ice-cream cake that was decorated by the store but that we added to (She wanted a Harry Potter cake but no one has the rights or licenses to make them so we bought some Harry Potter stuff and added them here at home! LEGO Harry and Hagrid! with some writing on the cake by yours truly ala Hagrid in the first movie "Happee Birthdae Lexi" and night of decorating the tree - which still needs lights) and all was well. She got an Adam Lambert CD and the final book in her Eragon series that she has been DYING for. She was one happy camper!!!

All is still well, although this week has been...weird...

My friend; whom I have blogged about before (the one that I'm currently not speaking with); I re-found on twitter...and while he hasn't tweeted in just over a month, I'm oddly compelled to send him a tweet...although I fear he'd either vanish again or block me. Perhaps it's because it's close to Christmas and I just want shit to be back the way it was because I'm feeling overwhelmingly sentimental. I'm not sure. But I do miss him. He had been on twitter (the whole reason why I started on twitter to begin with), and then when things went to shit he deleted facebook and twitter. Now he's back, and like I said while he hasn't tweeted in a little over a month, to know that he's there...makes me really miss the shit. He played a significant role in my high school years, if I want to admit it or not...and the fact that we're not talking now at all...bothers me. More than I like to admit. Even when we WEREN'T talking (before all this went down)...we could still touch base and say "hi, hey I'm here..." but now there's not even that. I mean I know he's out there, I know I'd hear if things went catastrophically wrong...but after this year, and Brad's death I don't want to wait until things go "catastrophically wrong". Because's too late and I can't say the things I want to say to him. I can't fix the things I want to fix, even if things don't go back the way they were...they can't stay like this forever. I know he's a stubborn son of a bitch, but I also know him well enough to know that he's thinking of me too. (And by "me" I mean our group of friends that he has cut himself off from).

I also found my first high school crush on facebook (the one I said reminded me of John). Upon stalking his profile (which is REALLY well hidden btw), he still looks good (imo) but looks NOTHING like John now. I mean I guess I can still see it when he REALLY does a full on toothy smile like John...but not nearly as much as he used to. He does look like someone famous though but I just cannot for the life of me figure out who...whom? (My dear personal editor... help a sister out! who or whom??) Anyway, the answer is no before you ask...I didn't send a friends request. His profile is hidden for a reason, if he wanted to be facebook friends...he knows my name, he could have easily found me (and could very well have looked me up already for all I know). But I have left it alone for now... I'm sure you're asking yourself "If his profile is so well hidden, how did you find it?"...By complete and total random fluke. I had looked for him a couple times on facebook and didn't find him. I knew he owned a salon in Toronto so I googled him (he is or was a hairdresser at one point, I THINK he owned or owns a salon with his wife) and followed a facebook link to another Salon and was like WTH he's on facebook?? So then I followed THAT link back to his profile and stalked his photos. Cute kids...twins...I think?? I dunno. He looks happy though...which makes me happy. He could  always be a bit of a self-absorbed egofuckstick of a tease, but not in a complete and total loathsome dick of a way. But he WAS a tease...good LORD. LMAO He was generally a nice guy, and at one point a good friend whom I really enjoyed spending time with...we had a lot of laughs, and even got a little 'wet and wild' together thanks to a certain someone...*cough* Rachel (which is one of my FAVORITE memories EVER...with ANYONE! -- Wonder if he remembers that night Rach? LMAO!!) In any event it was nice to get a look in to his life and see that he's happy.

I did NOT get to 'play the fucking bass K'; which has me a little cheesed; but it's okay I know I have time off Tuesday and Wednesday so I'm sure I'll get a round to it at that point or perhaps even tomorrow sometime. We'll see what can be the meanwhile....

One Last Glimpse,



  1. haha an entire icebucket of partially melted ice and its water ALL over you two in the bathroom (I can't remember what you were doing in there but the door was open and Alan was looking on in disbelief LOL I will never forget the look on both your faces just before I took off

  2. Technically, it's whom, but colloquially, it's who. There, that help?

  3. LOL yes it helps. Thank you. I sent him a facebook inbox. We'll see if he replies. Wanted to just let him know that he's thought of fondly. I probably won't hear from him but who the hell knows. LMAO I'll probably get up tomorrow morning and I'll be blocked from his profile. TEE HEE! ;)