Thursday, 29 December 2011

No shit Sherlock

There's something electrifying about some performers. From the moment they hit the stage or screen they captivate you and draw you in until nothing else exists except for you and the realm they draw you in to. They're enigmatic, irresistible, completely captivating and usually very sensual and rich in both personality and being.

Quite often performers such as these are capable in multiple arenas (although not always is this true) some are specifically special at just one gift but all always look very good at doing whatever it is that they are doing. Very good indeed.

You might think; after reading these opening paragraphs that I was; of course, speaking of Duran Duran. Although this time, I can assure you I am not. This time I am speaking of the incomparable Robert Downey Jr.

On Tuesday I had the joy of going to the movies (I love going to "the show" as my Mom used to call it). I went to see "Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows" with the aforementioned as well as Jude Law as the ever studious and pragmatic Dr. Watson.

Having thoroughly enjoyed the first movie I was very excited to see what awaited me in the sequel. I avoided (as I tend to) as many spoilers and trailers as I could for this movie. I knew that the character of James Moriarty was more forefront in this movie but aside from that I knew nothing.

The movie has lovely cinematography as well as some great CGI. The costuming is spectacular and the action sequences are amazing. As almost all Robert Downey Jr. movies this one did not disappoint. He is truly a renaissance man who can do it all. He is completely electrifying and has a je ne sais quoi about him. Of course the connection and energy between Downey Jr. and Law ranges from compassionate to comedic. You can truly tell these two care about each other off the screen as well as on.

Law plays the "straight man" to a "t" and no one can quite play manic like Downey Jr. (Lone exception perhaps being Johnny Depp, but even then it would be a tight race in my humble opinion).

If you enjoyed the charm and lure of the first Sherlock Holmes movie you won't be disappointed with the second. And of course as always, Downey Jr. could both charm the pants off a nun and sit on a chair saying and doing nothing and I think he would be brilliant.

Mind you...I feel the same way about a certain band as well.

One Last Glimpse,



  1. Couldn't have put it better myself. And I've seen the movie twice ... in four days.

  2. Fantastic. Hope I get to see it. Love the pics