Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Careless Memories

On Sunday we went out to my Dad's for our Thanksgiving dinner. My Uncle Jim is in the process of doing a purge of his apartment (he's moving) and was going through photos and the like, he brought down several to share with us. Some were GREAT memories but I think truthfully he and my Uncle John (his youngest brother) had the most difficulty with looking at them. There were pictures of spouses now passed, and I think it was more difficult than they had anticipated looking at them.

He came across this photo in which I am probably about 14 or 15. I have absolutely ZERO recollection of it being taken, but it's a great shot. My sister, myself and all my (first) cousins are all pictured. It's a truly wonderful shot. But again...I have ZERO recollection of it being taken. More over...I'm wearing some sort of Ford tshirt which I have NO recollection of owning either. It's like I'm looking at someone else, although I recognize it to be me. Weird.

There were some great photos of my Mom and Dad from my wedding that my Uncle had taken. Photos of my sister in law Mary (who was 5 when we got married and will be 28 next week). I mused aloud that she really hadn't changed that much at all. I guess I haven't either since I was little. Hair is different, weight, etc...but really...I think I'm still recognizable as the same person.

Part way through looking at the photos my younger uncle (Uncle John) got up and walked out. I'm not sure why, I didn't ask...I can only assume it was because he missed my Aunt Jane. I felt for him. I wanted to go and hug him, but truthfully...I think he just wanted to be alone at that point. It's been 15 years since my Mom and my Aunt Jane passed (as well as several other family members) but it doesn't make the pain any less. I actually came home from work last night and saw Alan watching Titanic, JUST before the point where I start to lose it. I told Alan he had to turn it off, I felt like the world's biggest bitch but it was either that or he would have been having to console me for the next half hour over a 10 second (if that) camera shot.

I've said it before, it's odd how one small thing can turn you into a blubbering mess. Or a more eloquent description once again by the brilliantly, charming  Simon John Charles LeBon:

'So easy to disturb
With a thought
With a whisper...
With a careless memory'

One Last Glimpse,


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  1. Love it! I can totally relate. Thanks for sharing!