Saturday, 15 October 2011

A very special thank you

A few months ago; about six; I had the privileged of "meeting" someone on line. She has changed my life significantly in those six months and this is my thank you to her.

I've always written, but for myself. I never really shared it...not with anyone (not intentionally anyway) with the lone exception being Rachel (who ALWAYS encouraged me), unless it was for school. But now, thanks to this amazing person and her encouragement I feel more confident and less anxiety riddled with sharing it with others. I now feel that what I write is worth something, and I even see moments of brilliance gleaming through in something that I have created.

I had often thought about blogging before, but really couldn't bring myself to do it. What if everyone who read it thought it was shite? Honestly I don't think I could deal with the thought of perhaps people not liking what I wrote. And that bothered me. Now, I'm of a mind set of that while people might not ALWAYS enjoy what I'm writing, and might not ALWAYS get it...I enjoy it. Otherwise I wouldn't put it out there.

So to dear sister...I thank you. Your words of encouragement have meant more to me than you can possibly imagine. Thank you. Love you. It is a true honour, pleasure and gift to know you.

One Last Glimpse,


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