Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Hello my name is Kendra, and I am a writer junkie....

I'm anxious this morning... heart is pounding and I'm wanting to get moving... But I feel like I'm in a "hurry up and wait" pattern. Why? I have no idea. I have to work in 2 hours but I'm certainly not eager to get there, not like this anyway. I'm happy, and anxious...eager. Excited.

I want to play my bass today. In a major way. Really, I should drag it out right now...but I'm not. I'm writing this. But I'm itching to play. I've got some stuff I want to work on and I really should be playing. But I want a time where I can just actually sit and play for an extended period of time, and now is not the time.

It's not like I've got everything already set up and I can just throw a switch and play. I have to bring out my amp, hook it up, get out my bass, hook it up, turn it on, make sure it's tuned and THEN I can play. Unfortunately I don't have the space to always just have it set up and sitting out somewhere. Although someday I will. I'll have a lovely music room/studio where my guitars, piano, bass and (eventually) drums can all sit together. That's a lovely thought.

So I discovered something new on twitter this morning. Something likened to "Twitter jail". I'd never heard of such a thing! Although I suppose it's one way to stop spammers, you can only have 100 tweets in an hour. Which begs the question. I wonder if our dear, darling John Taylor has ever been in Twitter jail? JT in TJ... Same initials. Coincidence? I think not!

Maybe I just needed to write...maybe I'm a junkie writer. I'm now feeling a sense of calm and serenity. Huh...I suppose there are worse things I could be addicted to (outside of my hubs, friends and Duran) than Twitter, Facebook, my bass, Blogging and writing...

One Last Glimpse,


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