Thursday, 6 October 2011

Yummy Mummy

It was rather amusing to me on Wednesday. I was getting ready to go out shopping with Rach so she could get an outfit for this Duran Duran concert on October 27th (you may have heard me talk, prattle, drone, obsess about it) in Toronto.

My husband Alan loves me no matter what, although he's made it clear he 'prefers' me make-upless (really I think it's only because the whole lipstick thing annoys him). He loves me anyway even when I'm "dolled up" despite the fact that he can't or won't kiss me.

I've been trying some new looks. Some that are, completely different and foreign from what I usually do. The one I'm currently into is a little Gothic/burlesque look (Very Dita Von Tesse). Truthfully I'd not have thought about it as a look for me if not for Rachel. And honestly...I am loving it. I was very skeptical, and thought to myself..."Can I pull this off"? (Own worst critic rears it's ugly head). Truthfully...I think I can. So thanks for that Rach. You rock.

So I'm talking to Alan who is staring at me from the top of the stairs, and he says to me "You know...this whole look you've got going on...the goth really, surprisingly works for you." Awww yea... Guess who's a yummy mummy! That's right...Me! This guy! And having just said that...the moment is gone.

So at 40...and 24 years of being with Alan (22 years of marriage) I still got it...I have yet to figure out what "it" is...but I'll figure it out eventually. Hopefully before I lose it!

One Last Glimpse,


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