Monday, 3 October 2011

The muses are strong with this one....

So, Simon blogged sometime between last night and this morning when I got up. I find that I am inspired and read from him personally that he is confident, encouraged and proud "Needless to say, I was very concerned about the state of my voice. When we started tnis US leg, I really felt that I was only about up to 85% full strength. Well now, with seven shows under our belts, I reckon I’m properly recovered, and it won’t be long before I feel truly bulletproof". What great encouraging words.  He mentions the Vegas show as the "breakthrough" performance. Not the LA one which is interesting. I'm proud to know that there were people that I love that were at that show and had that experience.

I'm enjoying writing. My mind; up until last night; was very scattered and I'd not actually written anything aside from this blog in weeks. Finding a direction was difficult and wording seemed problematic. I think I since have broken through that issue and have been writing. I think, perhaps like Simon I needed some sort of defining moment, a leap off point.

Last night I wrote...I wrote for almost 3 hours. Like the force...the muses seemed strong. I wrote 2 blogs, and a short segment of a story. This morning when I awoke...I wanted to write some here I am. Today is another day off, tomorrow I work and they are in Denver performing, and the chaos will reign again.

John just tweeted that he and Roger are on their way to Valencia to do a radio interview. I think sometimes he tosses out random tweets to take a little edge off the "tweet anxiety" as Nick has dubbed it. It's like he needs just a little fix or hit to carry him through. I guess we're all a little like that with one thing or another. The guy gave up dope, drinking and the fags (cigarettes) for fuck sakes...gotta give him a vice of SOME sort!

I'm proud of what I'm writing lately. I think it's good and I'm pleased. I suppose that's a step in the right direction. Especially since usually personally I tend to torpedo my own stuff and think it's bad. I think it's odd and perhaps a little bizarre to know that you're usually your own worst critic and enemy and that's considered normal. We really are a self-defeating lot aren't we??

One Last Glimpse,


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