Friday, 7 October 2011

Haida Gwai

When my son Adam was a baby, and I was pregnant with Jessy...we were posted with the military to the Queen Charlotte Islands in a remote area of British Columbia Canada. The village we lived in was a (mainly) native / fishing community called Masset. There were no stop lights, no malls, no movie theaters, no McDonalds or any fast food to speak of (with the exception being "The Chicken Shack" which was only open perhaps once a week - if you were lucky - but they had the BEST fried chicken I had ever tasted before or since).

I have a silver Haida hand carved wedding band that Alan bought for me when we lived there. Its lovely, it has a raven on it (the native Haida bird) that are in ABUNDANCE on the Islands. They stand about a foot tall (or taller) and are very strong, and very ominous.

About a month or so after I got the ring, it got bent. (I don't recall how - I think perhaps it was stepped on - but really I'm not sure). So it went from being round to this unwearable, oval misshapen mess. I was crushed and Alan was slightly peeved (understandably) as the ring had not been cheap. I think it had cost about 200$ or so if memory serves, and I'd ONLY had it a month.

For years it sat unwearable until Alan bent it back into relative shape, something resembling a circle. I could wear it again...sort of. It still didn't fit right but it was better than nothing.

I was sitting at work last night and it was very busy. For some reason, I picked up the pair of pliers and gave it a little tug on my beloved ring. Maybe it's because I was wearing it and it didn't feel comfortable. Really I'm not sure and honestly it doesn't matter.

The fact is...after all this time, it finally fits properly again and is almost as round as it was the day Alan gave it to me.  It is one of my most prized is the person who gave it to me.

One Last Glimpse,


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