Sunday, 2 October 2011

The Music's between us and other ramblings

Today is a day off. The tour is off and running, and by all accounts it's an amazing show. Simon sounds brilliant, the guys are on fire and I am a mere 25 days from a 29 year dream come true for me. And I can hardly wait.

I'm distracted and scatterbrained mind going in several different directions.Things I should be working on: bass, photography, writing. I'm also distracted because I'm looking up Arcadia/Duran videos like this one (Election Day live from a few years ago staring our beloved John Taylor on the "keytar") and other little gems, like this one as well (Sunrise - Live from London).

Today is a good day though. I'm off, they're off...everyone seems relaxed and mellow. Which is fine by me, I can sure use a day like this to regain my barrings. This week has been mass of energy and a seemingly go, go, go atmosphere which I have enjoyed in a major way - and I've missed it to be honest. But today is a nice quiet reprieve.

Things are changing here at home (in a positive way I think) and moving forward, things are changing out there amongst friends/family in a positive way and moving forward. Decisions have been made, and courses of action taken. Good or bad, right or wrong...what's done is done. And I think we're all the better for it. Stagnation is never a good thing, it mires down the mind, spirit and the creativity.

I'm sitting here, writing this...realizing that I've been distracted by the music which is why the slow start out the gate; and now that I've shut it off and taken off my headphones; I can't think. How funny is that? So I guess there's only one solution...listen to music! One should never deny the body that which it requires...especially when it comes to Duran!

There...that's better, I can think again.

Next weekend is the Canadian Thanksgiving. We're going to my Dad's house next Sunday for what I'm sure will be a lovely turkey dinner. Alan wasn't supposed to be going with us, but due to a course change in life...he now is. Which truthfully, is fine by me. I still haven't spoken to my father in regards to the issue we have, but sitting around the dinner table at Thanksgiving is not the place. "Please pass me the potatoes, oh and by the way...when your partner gets drunk he's grabbed my tit on more than one occasion. Oh and the cabbage salad too please thanks". No...not the place nor the time. I'll admit it's not a conversation I want to have in the first place, but it's not something I want to talk about at Thanksgiving dinner.

And don't ask me WHY Canada has a separate Thanksgiving from the Americans I don't know. I assume it's because we harvest crops earlier up here than the Americans do, but I don't know that for sure. That's only a guess, and a half-assed one at best.

Sorry for the scatty rambling of this blog. The thoughts are all over the map like I mentioned earlier, hopefully tomorrow will be a clearer thought process, and I can blog without being all over the map. Until then, I remain your humble servant, and loving sister.

One Last Glimpse,


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