Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Doctors visits and 16 days

I feel like I've been neglectful of this little baby lately even though it's only been since Saturday that I blogged last. Truthfully, I've taken on a personal project that has consumed me at the moment and I'm exploring that while the creative juices are flowing. I'm not quite ready to share what that is...but I will, when the time is right.

Today was my visit with the doctor (first in 3 months) I felt pretty good going in but then he weighed me and I found out I've GAINED four pounds. SERIOUSLY??? Fuck me sideways. So now I'm going for some blood work and also back to the drawing board. I've cut out down on my soda intake (I admit I drink/drank WAAAY too much soda for my own good), when I do though drink it (at least at home here) it's Coke Zero (no calories), I've cut down on my potatoes and bread...like seriously four pounds? UGH! So, I've given Alan the go ahead (reluctantly) to crack the whip a little harder to get me off my ass. While I am certainly disappointed by the weight gain I was not to be deterred, I still feel pretty fucking good. The doctor and I discussed the results of my mammogram (or my second one of my right breast) and told me it was all clear. WOO FUCKING HOO. What a bloody relief I gotta tell you, I am ecstatic. In my opinion that far, far, far outweighs the fact that I gained four pounds. But I go back just after Christmas and my goal is to be down at least 20. We'll see how well I do.

Then, of course there's the fact that we've got 16 days left to the show. By all reports/reviews, and all accounts (fans, reviewers and Duran themselves) the guys are 'on fucking fire'. They're back at the top of their game, and I couldn't be more pleased. I really want to go out this weekend and do some experimenting with the camera I'm taking and reacquaint myself with it's functions so that I get some great shots. While I know it won't be my last concert, it will be my first and I definitely need to get some good ones!

Anyway, sorry to have neglected you dear faithful readers, my friends, my lovelies. I will endeavor to balance my life a little better.

One Last Glimpse,



  1. Well thank fuck it's clear. Four pounds could be anything... time of the month, time of day... water. I do think your tyroid needs checking.

  2. I agree with the thank fuck.

    I've had it checked before and it was fine...but I think that's one of the things he's having tested.