Saturday, 8 October 2011

Dance like no one is watching

This morning I awoke at 9am. The house was quiet, no one was awake...I got up, showered and came downstairs. I received a text message from my sister that she needed to speak with me so I called her to see what was up. We spoke, I hung up and then I sat here for a few minutes surfing the web reading comments on last night's show in Baton Rouge and the like.

Then...suddenly (and I'm still not sure where this urge came from) the uncontrolled need overcame me. I NEEDED to listen to music. Not just any music, I needed to listen to Freedom90 by George Michael . Right. THEN. Moreover...I needed to dance to Freedom90 by George Michael with reckless abandon.

I grabbed Alan's headphones (which are far superior than my own), plugged in and turned it up. And I danced. I danced around my living room to George Michael's beautiful voice ringing in my hears. He (with Andrew Ridgeley) I had grown up with (along with Duran of course) and they had been a significant part of my teen and early twenty years. George's voice is still as smooth and as lovely as it was back then, and I was taken back to that time.

I danced around my living room occasionally opening my eyes, not really giving a shit if anyone came downstairs. Although admittedly I got a few weird looks from the cats...but they lick their own arses...if they can't handle me dancing around partially naked in my housecoat then screw them. Sorry kitties if I offended your sensitivities but TFB. But truthfully,  I had such an amazing time. Just dancing. I haven't done that in a while. It's very freeing...especially when you're half naked. Can't get much more free than that!

It's was also a great feeling to shut out the world for those 6minutes and 29seconds. To just be me...arms outstretched, feeling the rhythm in my feet. Feeling joy. I hope you all feel that today, tomorrow and always.

With Freedom, Joy and Love...

One Last Glimpse,


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