Thursday, 20 October 2011

Thats enough excitement for one day thanks...

This morning I was awake early...5:40am this morning my eyes sprang open and they refused to close and let me go back to sleep. Begrudgingly I got up, trudged downstairs and sat here, exactly where I am now, doing pretty much exactly what I'm doing now. Typing. I decided when I heard my daughter Lexi get up at 7am that there was really no point in me going back to bed. My alarm would go off at 9am, and because I had plans...I would be on my way and out the door by 10am at the latest. If I had decided to go back to bed this morning at that point, I would have been in worse shape at 9am when the alarm went off than I will be at the end of today when I go to go to bed this evening. So, I have had 4 hours sleep, and not good sleep at that. But generally I felt and feel good. I'm alert, awake and actually not at all cranky.

I got dressed, even put a little make up on and went to leave the house. I collected up my things, gave Alan a good bye kiss (he was still sleeping) and headed out the door to my friend Nat's house for the morning and part of the afternoon. There are two (very small) steps out my front door onto the sidewalk/driveway. The first is out of my house onto a cement slab and then about 2 feet of cement slab and then the second step out onto the sidewalk. Each drop is probably about 6 inches (at most) and really not a big deal. Now, I'm not sure exactly what happened. But somehow, at some point I think I tripped over my own feet or something and I fell. And I don't mean whoops trip...I mean ass over tea kettle, items flying everywhere fall. I lost a shoe, the movies I was returning to my friend Nat went flying, and I went slamming to the wet ground (it's been raining here for almost 3 days now). Now aside from my knee being a little scraped, and my toe hurting (which truthfully I thought I had broken...again...for about the millionth time). I was fine. Although truthfully, honestly I was very...VERY lucky.
When I open my front door...

In my front garden there is a large rock/boulder that I literally felt wooshing past my head. I'm certain I came within about an inch or less of cracking my head off of it as I fell. And there was nobody around. No one. I could have quite honestly laid there for quite sometime before anyone even came to help. Lexie was at school, Adam, Jessy and Alan were all in bed...and there was no one outside. Had I cracked my head; at the speed of which I fell; I'm certain that I either could have seriously injured myself...or perhaps even killed myself. I was very, VERY lucky. I'm not sure HOW I missed hitting my head off the rock, but I did. And I'm very thankful. However the plant/bush I landed on...well...sadly it's gone to the great botanical garden in the's in a better place now. Not that it would have survived the winter anyway...but yea...I'm very lucky.

The poor plant (L) that had the misfortune of breaking my fall as opposed to the large rock (R)

I sat in the car after I pulled myself up off the ground and took some deep breaths. I was seriously shaken up. I was a little embarrassed, but stunned that I had not hit my head. I'm still stunned about that one. I almost wish I had a video of what happened so I could see how I fell and more over why. In any event. I'm still here, in one piece...and thankful for it.

One Last Glimpse,



  1. Oh wow. VERY glad you're not only still here, but essentially unscathed.

    ps. I love the photo of the eyes-downcast view out your front door. ;)

  2. I am as well. I can't imagine the tongue lashing the "big guy" would have gotten if I had died without seeing Duran! LMFAO!!! ;)

    And's moral ... PAY ATTENTION! ><

  3. The first step down IS pretty steep.... plus I'll bet it was those fucking leaves that had you on your ass. God damned rain